In which acceptance is an act of humility and growth.
Gettysburg RevisitedListen now (8 min) | Podcast in which I discuss briefly, and read my Gettysburg post.
Understanding what happened here is an act of both courage, and sheer will.
As Advent crosses over into Hanukkuh's time, the candles share much in common.
Mr. Dickens's "little Carol..."Listen now (39 min) | A Christmas Carol is a seminal work for me in my life-I reference it a lot in much of my writing. Here, I humbly offer a primer on…
The fourth candle to be lit on Sunday, December 18, is a reminder of the presence of Angels--and sometimes our Angels, though they tell us not to be…
The news that we are now a planet of 8 billion people is welcome, good and glorious news.
My mother's passing signaled many things in our lives--but her spirit still reaches out to guide us.
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A Difference of Degree